Dispatcher Phones  

Teknoray DP 319 is a modern communication method, "point to multipoint" type, for the dispatcher type applications which are used in the railways, aerial or naval transports, safeguard and security, etc.

The equipment is conceived to operate on a single transparent voice path which connects the main station and also several secondary stations. The voice path can be achieved through: a single physical pair (copper), several digital voice paths of 64 Kb or in a combined variant (both physical wires and digital channels).

It is a versatile method and it can offer an adaptable communication mean to user's needs, it is easy to manipulate through a friendly software application, reliable, and offers outstanding availability and stability.

System architecture

The telephone installation with selective call in voice frequency – DP 319 - contains a central station - CS and up to 36 secondary stations - SS;

The central station - CS is equipped with two conversation sets, a base one: - double way amplifier and a reserve one - hand set.

The central station - CS contains:

  • A key group (embedded) for call, with built-in call status indicators (LEDs);
  • "Push" type buttons for the signal level digital adjustment of transmission / reception conversation;
  • Optical indicator of the transmission level - VU-meter;
  • A phone keyboard where it can be achieved the configuration / administration / maintenance;
  • An operational key group which allows the equipment features selection;
  • A two lines display which shows information about the equipment status, configuration and operation.

Usage and operation features

DP 319 allows the individual call of the secondary stations (two call signals with preset frequencies coincidence) in preset or selected groups, or generally.

The call frequencies generation is made through synthesis and a special stability is assured for the frequency and the signal level, which is adjustable.

The secondary station assures a very good selectivity of the call frequencies, it is easy to use and install.

The pass from the reserve conversation set to the base conversation set at the central station is made without movement switching devices.

Other facilities:

  • the frequency pair or the transmitted frequency group indication;
  • the volume adjustment of the received voice signal;
  • the optical indication of the transmission level (VU-meter).

The call reception is made acoustically and optically, the secondary station allowing the call extension to other equipment (for instance The Digital Railroad Telephonic Switch) and the transmission of a control signal for the real call (produced by the ring) to the central station - recall.

The equipment allows call signals adjustment, conversation, recall and their level indication.

Both CS and SS assure a peculiar electro-security level, with ergonomically bordering possibilities in the effective operation environment of the user.

Technical Specifications

Product name: The telephone installation with selective call in voice frequency-ITASFV

Capacity: The equipment contains a central station CS and up to 36 secondary stations SS

Power supply: 24 V or 48 V

The amplifiers used both in CS and SS are embedded electronics, with large possibilities of level adjustment.

Environment conditions:

Operation temperature +5 oC ÷ +40 oC;

Special SS operation temperature -20 oC ÷ +40 oC;

Relative humidity maximum 90% at 20 oC;

Atmospheric pressure 75 ÷ 105 KPa;

Maximum altitude: 2000 m.

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