LED Railway Signaling Lamp  

Signals are essential for smooth and safe railway operation. Based on a white LED-signal lamp which is used in trackside signals and approved in German, signal lamps with the colours red, yellow, green and blue were developed for the international railway signalling market. Dependent on specific national requirements different types of signals and signalling systems can be realized. The signal lamps are suitable for both, flashing and static light.


Together with a LED- and a control circuit board an optical system of a collecting lens and a scattering lens is placed in a plastic housing. Signals with different lenses for signal positions left or right of the track are available. The signal lamp is protected against humidity, dust and damages by a massive pane of glass.
The different LEDs are supplied by an electronic circuit building a current source. The inserting of the cable can be realized through a cable entry hole in the housing. A double wire connection is sufficient to connect the signal lamp to the interlocking or the control box. Optionally a protection tube can be supplied to avoid mechanical damages to the cable.
A door at the back of the housing enables the maintenance stuff to open the signal lamp. The door is equipped with a sealing and a snap lock. The existent thermal protection cover helps to complicate unauthorised opening.


Three fixing bolts are foreseen to mount the signal lamp to the signal screen and to align it with the track. A fixture can be used to place a telescope for positioning the signal lamp. The signal lamp can be equipped with a sun protection screen. A clamp band is used to fix the screen.


he availability of the signal lamp is calculated to a conditional probability of failure of 2% in 10 years under normal conditions. The maximum of the light intensity varies dependent on the colour of the signal lamp between ca. 1700 and ca. 4800 candela. Dependent on the intensities, required by the client, different values can be adjusted in the factory. The diameter of the light emitting area is 130 mm.


Independent of the different colours of the light all signal lamps fulfil the same safety requirements.
LED: In case of a shortcut or an interruption in the LED-unit, no signal (flash or static) is visible.
Control unit: In case of a shortcut or an interruption at the control-unit, no signal (flash or static) is visible. Is the control unit provided with over- or under-voltage, no light is visible.

Teknoray manufactures industrial and engineering products with a focus on electronic and safety systems. The company manufactures and supplies fail-safe LED signals for train operations, LED based warning and signalling lamps for locomotives and train operations, twin beam headlight systems for locomotives, health monitoring systems, utility products and data logger equipment. Teknoray also supplies display devices and networking technologies for coaches, locomotives and stations.

LED technology has replaced conventional kerosene oil and filament bulb lit signals. Our products provide the required level of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) to CENELEC standards.

LED signals: the complete range covers main signals red, yellow and green, shunt signals, calling on signals and direction type route indicators, multi aspect and numeric types. Key advantages are:

Optical feedback for lamp proving
Noise immunity to 300V AC and DC
Universal use with all types of lamp checking relays
Health monitoring unit with indicators for Electric Signal Maintainer (ESM)
Common audio visual preventive / maintenance alarm unit for the stationmaster
Facility for cable fault / extraneous voltage detection
Digital networking with data logger
Data logger system: this range of cost effective, easy to use event logging products can be integrated into your system to provide data monitoring and real-time information to your organisation headquarters. The data logger system continuously monitors the performance of equipment related to train operations. The monitored events can be displayed in real-time on a user-friendly mimic panel or computer monitors.

Digital axle counter (under development): Teknoray offers a modern and compact single and multi entry digital axle counter meeting the SIL-4 CENELEC standard.

Teknoray manufactures a wide range of locomotive products for the railway industry.

LED flasher lights: for use on locomotive warning applications with 2km daylight visibility and intelligent status output to the locomotive diagnostic system. In addition to the manual operation, these lights can also be operated automatically by the train control system.

LED marker (classification lights): manufactured in bicolour configuration using red and white LEDs and halogen beams, where the halogen beam also serves the purpose of ditch lighting. These lights are used on locomotives to mark their presence and direction of movement.

Twin beam headlights: Teknoray manufactures twin beam headlights with twin DC to DC converters. The headlight illuminates the track up to a distance of 600m. There is complete redundancy in the system; a failure of one beam or converter doesn't disable the locomotive operation. Additional lighting can be provided on the locomotive using our marker lights.

Signal exchange lamps: Teknoray manufactures LED fixed signal exchange (red / green) lamps for fitment outside the locomotive, which the driver or guard can operate from inside.

Vigilance Control Device (VCD) (under development): this system checks the vigilance of the driver by monitoring activity of equipment on the locomotive. The events are continuously logged and alarms are given to the driver to prompt activity. In the continued absence of a response, automatic braking takes place. The health of the locomotive is also transmitted to any passing station or railway installation.

LED hand signal lamps: portable, dry cell / rechargeable battery operated, tri-colour lamps with selection operation through membrane or toggle switch. The red and green signals are used for normal exchange, and the white LED torch for illumination and special signal exchange.

LED tail light: portable battery operated, fixed train power operated, red flashing or static, 2km visibility lamps for last vehicle indication.

LED reading lights:
uniform illumination, non-interfering reading lights in various fitment configurations for the illumination of drivers' desks and for berth / chair seat reading application in coaches.

LED lighting: for general lighting in the coaches.

LED hand lamps: light-weight rechargeable LED inspection lamps for hands free usage by individuals having 40lm output with focusing arrangement in a detachable beam. They are used for night maintenance and general work.

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