Relay based indoor installation  

General description

  • a interlocking unit where most of the logic and signaling connections are done by relay circuits
  • used for signaling and managing operation on main and by-lines
  • suitable for managing middle and big railroad stations
  • operation comfort comparable with electronic interlocking systems
  • high reliability and stand-by, low maintenance costs and easy handling
Basic technical description
  • complies to CENELEC standards
  • is capable of controlling more than 150 point units
  • it has an implemented function for processing and monitoring train numbers
  • the interlocking unit can be modified for operation in other systems than railroad systems
  • modular system, simple handling
  • also delivered for harsh climatic conditions
  • remote control systems of Teknoray signaling systems
  • ERTMS/ETCS (Level 1, Level 2) systems
  • Graphic-technological shell GTN (automated managing of transport documentation)
  • LDS local diagnostic system
  • ETMNET and PENET data networks

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